Going online to renew your SSM license!


Do you have a business registration or company registration that is about to expire? You can renew your SSM business license directly online.

The government has made it mandatory for all people who sell or do business online to register with the SSM, which is known as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, a statutory body that has the power to regulate and supervise the companies and business affairs in Malaysia and is responsible for handling the registration of companies.

The fee for registering a business under personal name is RM30 per annum, for registering a business under business name is RM60 per annum and RM5 per annum for each branch registered.

Here is how to renew SSM business license online.

How to Renew SSM Business License Online?

Step 1: Visit https://ezbiz.ssm.com.my/ .

Step 2: Enter your ID number, password and Captcha.

Step 3: Click Renewal by Owners in My Business Services.

Step 4: The system will display the company or business registration information registered under your name, click Action.

Step 5: Confirm the company or business registration details, select the number of years you want to renew and view the price.

Step 6: Click Agree to Terms and Conditions and select Proceed to Payment.

Step 7: Confirm the fees to be paid and click on Pay Online where you can choose to pay via bank card or FPX bank transfer.

Step 8: After completing the payment you can click on Renewal History in My Business Services at the top of the page.

Step 9: You can download the latest SSM certificate and business information.

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