Latest exchange rate between Malaysian and foreign currencies as of September 30!


Another weekday is coming to an end! Here’s an update on the stock and currency market movements.


As of the market close at 5pm on September 30, 2022, the Kuala Lumpur FTSE General Index (KLCI) dropped 2…87 points and ended at 1394.63 points, with 358 stocks gaining, 462 stocks losing, and 408 stocks remaining unchanged.


The world is in a post-epidemic period and countries around the world have opened their borders so that foreigners do not have to be quarantined when entering the country. After more than two years, the tourism and airline industries around the world are also recovering.


AirAsia is also offering special promotions on airline tickets, so if you are planning to travel abroad, here are the latest exchange rates for the Malaysian and foreign currencies as of September 30.


According to the latest exchange rates from money changers in the Selangor area, the ringgit has dropped to 4.623 to the US dollar, compared to 4.56 last week. 1 US dollar can now be exchanged for RM4.623, or RM4.638 for 1 US dollar.


For the SGD, it is S$1 to S$3.216, or RM3.229 to S$1. The SGD has not changed much between last week and this week.


For the Thai baht, the exchange rate is RM12.21 to 100 baht or RM12.31 to 100 baht. For the Renminbi, the exchange rate was RM64 for 100 Yuan or RM64.68 for 100 Yuan.


For the Japanese yen and Korean won, RM32.62 is equivalent to 1,000 yen and RM3.322 is equivalent to 1,000 Korean won.

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