Land Transportation Authority: Heavy vehicles banned from roads 4 days before and after New Year’s Day


    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that heavy vehicles will be banned from the roads on the four days before and after the Lunar New Year, i.e. on the 8th,9th 12th, and 13th of this month.

Dato’ Lohman, senior director of the department’s enforcement unit, said the department’s banning of heavy vehicles on the roads on the four days in question was aimed at avoiding unnecessary traffic accidents that could lead to traffic congestion, apart from ensuring smooth flow of traffic.

He said the Bureau would continue to conduct inspections and document review operations on long-distance buses nationwide during the coming month of the Lunar New Year and school holidays to ensure the safety of long-distance buses and passengers.

He said this after visiting the Transnasional warranty terminal of the public bus company today.

Lohman pointed out that from 3 to 7 of this month, enforcement officers of the agency visited 54 public bus terminals nationwide and inspected a total of 361 buses, and so far action has been taken against 12 buses for violating various traffic regulations, namely, 10 buses have been issued with Prohibited Vehicle Notices (PG 1), while two buses have been issued with PG 1 for faulty lamps, failure to set up good reflectors, and no safety manuals inside the buses. The other two buses were tackled for faulty lights, failure to set up good reflector lamps and lack of safety manual equipment inside the buses.

He reminded that people who have any traffic problems and wish to file a complaint can log on to “Myjpj App”.

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