4-meter crocodile was captured alive by six firefighters.


A 4-meter-long crocodile appeared in a drainage ditch near a house. The resident called the fire and rescue department to help capture the crocodile.

The Sungai Kopu Fire and Rescue Department received a report on the 2nd of this month and sent six firefighters to the scene to capture the crocodile. The firefighters used special hunting ropes and traps to capture the crocodile and handed it over to the wildlife management unit for further processing.

The Fire and Rescue Department calls on the public to ensure that the drainage ditches in their homes are clean to prevent wild animals from breaking into their homes. Weeds that are too long may be a habitat for wild animals.

At the same time, the doors and windows of the house should be closed to prevent dogs, monkeys, lizards, crocodiles, snakes, and other wild animals from entering the house.

In the event of an emergency, the public can call the Fire and Rescue Department emergency hotline 995 and provide accurate information.

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