Jared Lee, a Malaysian cartoonist, was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival with his film “Horologist” and took away numerous festival honors!


Jared Lee, a Malaysian cartoonist and filmmaker, recently won honours for his original animation “Horologist” at a number of international film festivals, including “Best Animation” at the 2023 American International Film Festival.

Horologist Achievements included: 

– Official Selection and Premiere at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con Independent Film Festival

– Shortlisted for the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner

-Best Animated Film, 2023 US International Film Festival

-Official Selection for the 2023 Atlantic Bridge Film Festival.

-Official Selection and Nomination for “Best Animation” and “Audience Choice Award” at the 2023 Polish International Animation Festival for “Animators”

-Official Selection (in competition) for the 2023 Court Metrange International Film Festival (France)

Currently, Jared Lee is the owner of the commercial and short film production firm Grim Film. During the most recent coronavirus pneumonia pandemic, “Horologist” was born. Jared Lee made the decision to resume creating comics because he was unable to film at the time or create animation.

At the same time, Jared also put his dream into action by beginning to create a quartet of short stories that explored various facets of human avarice. Then, he collaborated with a cartoonist by the name of Cross to turn these 4 stories into comic books, the very first known as “Horologist.”

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