Bedridden Man Overcomes Challenges to Pursue His Passion for Motorcycle Repair


Mohamad Zulkarnain Mustafa’s fate was altered eight years ago by a tragic vehicle accident, which rendered him permanently bedridden. And while for many, this heartbreaking news may put them into a deep depression, Mohamad Zulkarnain Mustafa has made the decision to not let it entirely impact him.

According to the local publication Harian Metro, Mohamad Zulkarnian was killed in a car accident on his way home from working at a night market. Unfortunately, the vehicle accident has rendered him incapacitated, altering the trajectory of his life.

Prior to this, he would always sell fried chicken at the night market and occasionally repair motorbike parts at home in an effort to support his family. After a good year of recuperation following his injury, he decided to resume his passion for repairing motorbike parts in an effort to supplement his income.

“As I’m unable to walk, my brother would help dismantle the pieces from the bike and bring them to me so I could fix them. After I’m done fixing, he would help me assemble the parts back onto the bike”, he said.

He claimed that his brother would briefly wash the bike’s components after disassembling it before bringing it to his bed.

“This is where I sleep, so I would have to try my best to keep it as clean as possible”, he shared.

He continued by claiming that he has a lot of need for his brother’s assistance and that they frequently made jokes about him being his colleague. He continued by saying that he would slightly angle his body to reach portions of the motorcycle that cannot be disassembled, but because of his restricted motions, he is unable to reach all of them.

“Sticks and bones may break my bones, but I will not give up.” “I can’t sit for long periods of time and if I were to sit on a wheelchair for more than 2 hours, I will have other health issues like gastric or indigestion”, he mentioned, further explaining that his family would push his bed outside of the house so he can fix the motorcycle while being in bed. He revealed that he feels much more comfortable when lying in bed and his tasks appear to be more difficult if he sits in a wheelchair. Regardless of his shortcomings, Zulkarnian is determined to become a mechanic as he realizes that this is his true passion and doesn’t want his techniques and skills to go to waste.

“I want to be as independent as possible; I don’t want to be idle all day”, he said, emphasizing that being able to do what he enjoys is good for his health and mental well-being.

He did, however, warn that because of his ailments, he would need more time to accomplish the jobs, but fortunately, his clients are quite accepting of the circumstance. He further disclosed that because they reside in a kampung where other mechanics are present, he would only receive one or two motorcycles each month.

Finally, he expressed his gratitude to his friends and neighbors for entrusting him with the repair of their motorcycles.

“I’m grateful for them to put trust in me, and I hope that with the help of my parents, I will be more well-equipped with tools in the future”, he said.

Mohamad’s story serves as an inspiration to us all. It serves as a reminder of the strength of tenacity, tenacity, and a never-give-up mindset. In the face of difficulty, he has made the decision to push past his bounds by embracing his passion and making use of his abilities. Let’s take inspiration from his inspiring path and never forget that we all possess the power to overcome any challenge.

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