How much is the monthly car payment for a Toyota Yaris?


How much do I have to pay monthly for the Toyota Yaris?


The Toyota Yaris is available in 3 trim levels, the entry level 1.5J, the mid-level 1.5E and the high level 1.5G, priced at RM73,800, RM83,300 and RM87,600 respectively, not including car insurance, which will cost about RM2,000 in East Malaysia.


The Toyota Yaris is equipped with a 1.5 liter four-cylinder natural gas engine and a CVT transmission. The mid and high end Yaris are equipped with safety assistance features such as Collision Warning System, Road Departure Warning, 3D Panoramic View, Blind Spot Warning and Rear Incoming Vehicle Warning, Rear Parking Radar, etc.


With a 90% loan and an interest rate of 3.00% p.a., the Yaris 1.5G will cost RM1,135 per month for a 7-year loan and RM927 per month for a 9-year loan.


For the mid-priced Yaris 1.5E, you will have to pay RM1,079 per month for a 7-year loan and RM881 per month for a 9-year loan.


Note! The actual monthly payment amount is subject to the interest rate and the amount of loan taken out by the owner.


TOYOTA YARIS Monthly Loan Payment Table
Yaris 1.5G
Price: RM87,600
Loan for 7 years: RM1,135
Loan for 9 years: RM927

Yaris 1.5E
Loan 7 years:RM1,079
Loan 9 years:RM881


Yaris 1.5J
Loan 7 years:RM956
Loan 9 years:RM781

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