Hong Leong Bank implements measures to link each account to only one device!


Hong Leong Bank has implemented the measure that each account can only be tied to one device.


According to a message from Hong Leong Bank, AppAuthorise can only be enabled on one device per account per user, in order to ensure the security of the user’s bank account.


Once a user has enabled AppAuthorise on one device, he/she cannot enable AppAuthorise on other devices, and if he/she changes to a new phone, he/she will need to unbind it from the old device before he/she can enable AppAuthorise on the new device.


If you have lost or damaged your phone and cannot uninstall AppAuthorise on your old device, then you can call the Hong Leong Bank hotline for assistance.


To uninstall AppAuthorise from your old phone, you can go to Menu of HLB Connect APP, then go to Devices & Notifications in App Settings, then select Remove in the Current Device section.


AppAuthorise is a feature introduced by Hong Leong Bank to replace SMS TAC. Instead of receiving SMS TAC verification code, users will receive a pop-up window in HLB Connect APP to verify the transaction and will need to click on it to verify the transaction when making a transfer or transaction in HLB Connect.


Various banks in China have gradually introduced the pop-up window for transaction verification in the APP. This feature will avoid the problem of users not receiving SMS TAC due to poor internet speed. This feature can also reduce the risk of SMS TAC being intercepted.

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