Hong Leong Bank’s latest time deposit promotion in November


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Promotion on Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposits

Promo Period: November 1, 2023–November 30, 2023

RM1,000 is the minimum deposit amount.

Deposit duration and effective interest rate: 3.55% pa for three months, 3.75% pa for six months, and 3.75% pa for twelve months

Conditions: Funds must be transferred from other banks using FPX and deposited via HLB Connect Online.

You have to use HLB Connect Online to make deposits in order to benefit from these attractive rates. Furthermore, FPX should be used to transfer deposits from other banks. This guarantees a smooth and safe procedure for your comfort.

Under these conditions, the Fixed Deposit promotion from Hong Leong Bank presents an excellent chance for you to grow your savings effectively. This promotion offers flexibility and competitive returns for your hard-earned money, regardless of your investment goals—whether you’re looking to save for the future or make long-term investments. Don’t pass up this once-in-a-lifetime chance to increase your income and make your money work harer.

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