Google features 3 new and cute easter eggs with these words.


Recently, the Google search page has introduced a little hidden easter egg! Users only need to search for specific keywords on the web page, and then a surprise will appear!

A few days ago, a Japanese user was using Google and suddenly found that if he typed “meteorite” on the search page, a meteorite would suddenly appear at the top of the screen and the screen would shake violently for about 3 seconds after the meteorite fell, making the process very fun

This post has been trending on Twitter and has received 3.1M views in just a few days, attracting countless users to follow suit and test it out. In addition, other users also found that by typing in specific keywords such as “dog” and “cat”, cute and healing animation effects will appear, and there are also sound effects!

When you type the keyword “Cherry blossom”, the effect of falling cherry blossom petals will also appear.

Type “Splatoon” on the page and click randomly to reveal red, yellow, blue, and green, four colors of paintball, and afterward you can click the “water drop button” below to restore your picture.

You can try other keywords when you have time~

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