For those affected by Penang reclamation, the captain will be compensated up to RM20,000 and the fishermen RM12,000.


Penang Second Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Abdul Hamid announced that the Penang state government has agreed to approve the provision of compensation to fishermen affected by the Penang Southern Reclamation Project (PSI). There are 678 registered first- and second-level fishermen. , will receive an ex-gratia payment ranging from a minimum of 5,400 to a maximum of RM20,000.

He issued a statement today saying that the captain of the first-class fisherman will receive RM20,000 and the fishermen will receive RM12,960; the captain of the second-class fisherman will receive RM13,200 and the fishermen will receive RM5,400.

He pointed out that the state government had previously announced the launch of the Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP) for affected fishermen, and all 678 registered fishermen would receive ex-gratia payments.

“256 of the first-class fishermen will also receive 27-foot-long fishing boats equipped with 90/100 horsepower engines (you can choose your own brand).”

He said 20 of these fishermen have also obtained coxswain licenses, 32 have children who have received excellence awards and matriculation awards from higher education institutions, and 43 children have also enrolled in remedial courses through the Jaya Didik scheme.

He pointed out that under SIMP, relevant units will also build a fisherman’s pier equipped with various facilities and provide training, education and employment opportunities.

He said that the State Government Administrative Council (MMKN) held a meeting on the 7th of this month and made a decision on the 14th to determine that the registration deadline for the SIMP program is March 31.

“This is because it takes time to prepare for the distribution of ex-gratia funds and the preparation of fishing boats. At the same time, the reclamation project of Silicon Valley Island (formerly known as A Island) started on September 1 last year.”

He said the state government had earlier met with the affected fishermen at the Penang Island Southern Fishermen Service Center (PPSN) in Sungai Batu, Batang and May Lake and ensured that all fishermen were registered under SIMP.

He pointed out that fishermen who are eligible to register are divided into two stages, including those who are “directly” and “indirectly” affected by the reclamation plan.

He said that the areas affected by the “direct” impact are Batang, Sungai Batu, Kung Pa and Mehu; the areas affected by the “indirect” impact are Teluk Tempoyak, Batu Mao, Seri Seri Jerejak, Pulau Betong and Kuala Sungai Burung.

He welcomed fishermen who have not yet registered for the SIMP scheme to do so as soon as possible before the deadline and can go to the nearby Fishermen Service Center in Southern Penang Island to register.

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