FactCheck: Are there truly sing-along highways in Japan?


MUSIC may be made in a variety of ways. From wind to percussion to bells, people have discovered a plethora of instruments with which to create music. Some have even discovered methods to use sticks and stones to create quick tiny songs. But it seems like they’ve managed to make the roads sing in Japan. Is this a fact?

It is indeed a fact

You might claim that some Japanese roads sing as you drive on them. They play music.

There’s more to this idea than meets the eye, even if it’s undoubtedly not your typical kind of entertainment.

The locals came up with the idea for this and gave the “harmonious” routes the fitting moniker, Melody Roads.

In addition to providing drive-by amusement, these musical highways act as a warning to drivers to stay alert at all times (lest they nod off while operating a vehicle).

You ask, how does this operate?

via the road’s surface grooves, which are lengthy, hollow areas. The theory behind it is that sound is produced by the automobile tyres’ friction when they make contact with the grooves.

The noises combine to create music when they cross over a sufficient number of grooves.

Shiretoko Ryojo and Country Road on the Shibetsu town and Kaneyama’s national route 252 are a couple of the well-known tunes.

Finding this treasure would undoubtedly be a singular experience for both residents and visitors. Thus, when you’re driving by these routes, make sure to keep your eyes and ears alert!

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