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Do you know your car’s dashboard lights? The different colors of the lights represent different meanings and urgency.

Red lights are important and urgent matters that need attention, while orange and yellow lights are matters that need attention, and green lights require no special attention and the car is fine.

Know the meaning of the dashboard lights and the color of the car so that you can reach your destination safely.

The meaning of car dashboard light colors

1. Red color

If you find a red light on the dashboard of your car, you should pay special attention to it! A red light means that the car has a serious breakdown or is temporarily unfit to drive on the road. For example, if the battery lights up in red, it means the battery is malfunctioning, and if you insist on driving on the road, you can’t rule out the possibility of not being able to start the car next time.

Other red lights also include water tank temperature red, handbrake not down, no seat belt, airbag failure, door not closed, etc.

2. Orange

The orange light indicates that the car needs special attention, such as the car is out of gas, tire pressure is abnormal, ABS failure, car anti-skid system failure, etc. When the orange light appears, your car can still be driven normally, but there may be some equipment problems, you need to check and repair.

3. Green

The green light means the car is trouble-free, so you don’t need to pay special attention to it. Generally, there are ECO mode and directional lights on the green light.

4. Blue

Generally, the blue indicator light is used to turn on the car’s high beam before it appears.

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