Cannot finish eating your fries? What to do? McDonald’s Reveals Their Secret 3 Steps to Packing!


Recently, a Swedish McDonald’s used their official TikTok account to demonstrate to customers how to use the “packaged fries” trick, which they instruct them to use the end of the package to enjoy their fries. The technique has been viewed millions of times and has sparked numerous discussions.

Swedish McDonald’s employees have revealed that, with just three easy motions, the fries box can be transformed into a spill-proof “take-out box,” which can be carried around in a bag without any worries.

This simple 3-step process begins with folding the tips of both sides of the French fries box inward.
Step 2: flatten the opening.
Step 3: fold the high side of the box inward to create a lid shape and flatten to finish.

This instructional video has sparked a lot of talk on the Internet. People have said things like, “Too late, I watched it all in one breath,” and “How not to say earlier.”

But some people think that this way of keeping fries will soon make them soggy and soft and that to close the box this way, you need to eat about half of the fries because if there are too many left, it will be hard to fold them.

Many people complain that the fries they get are already cold every time they order from McDonald’s, so knowing such a great trick is useless.

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