Applications for the Housewives Social Insurance Program will be open from December 1st!


Housewives Social Insurance Scheme will be open for application from 1st December!

According to Perkeso, the Housewives Social Insurance Scheme (SKSSR) will be open for application from December 1, 2022, for housewives to apply for compensation in case of accidents while doing household chores. The annual fee for SKSSR is RM120 and must be paid in advance.

Any housewife who is unfortunate enough to have an accident while doing housework is eligible for compensation. This also includes car accident injuries or death while taking care of children, sending children to school and caring for a sick parent.

Benefits available to insured persons include medical benefits, permanent incapacity benefits, caregiver’s allowance, rehabilitation or institutional training, disability benefits and funeral expenses.

Both full-time and part-time housewives, married or unmarried, widows or single mothers are eligible to join the Housewives’ Social Insurance Scheme provided that they are Malaysian citizens or permanent residents.

Husbands can pay the premiums for their wives who are housewives, housewives themselves can pay the premiums, and family members or anyone can help pay the premiums for housewives.

Interested parties can visit https://www.perkeso.gov.my/perkhidmatan-kami/perlindungan/skim-keselamatan-sosial-suri-rumah.html for more information.

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