2023 most memorable and touching MV split into two parts.


As we approach the Lunar New Year, it’s time for all kinds of New Year videos!

Every year on the eve of New Year’s Eve, major brands are busy releasing all sorts of MVs, from heartfelt short stories, exciting dance performances, and even catchy and brain-washing New Year songs.

Among the many New Year’s videos this year, the one by Ah Huat White Coffee is quite appealing. The first one is a warm and cozy short film, while the second one is the first New Year’s MV of Ah Huat White Coffee, with superb songs and a full New Year’s atmosphere!

First Part: Ah Huat White Coffee Chinese New Year Short Film

Ah Huat’s neighbors came to Ah Huat to give him gifts, thank him for his continued care and help, and praise him for his kindness. But Ah Huat confess that before he was actually quite annoying! This surprised everyone, how could the kind Ah Huat be annoying?

The story goes back to 1987, Ah Huat was selfish. Until one day, Ah Fei, who has always been helpful, sent Ah Huat to the hospital in time to give him a blood transfusion when he fainted, and did not ask for anything in return. Ah Huat instantly realized that sometimes people really don’t need to worry so much about each other. Since that accident, whenever anyone needs help, Ah Huat will agree without hesitation, and even the brewed coffee has become more and more humane~

Until one day, suddenly a rabbit ran into Ah Huat’s coffee shop… The follow-up story was revealed in the second New Year’s MV!

Second Part: Ah Huat White Coffee Chinese New Year MV

Ah Huat and his friends take the rabbit to find the owner, and accidentally enter a fantasy space where a series of magical stories take place!

In that space, Ah Huat remeets his childhood self with the help of a mysterious magician. Ah Huat told himself not to become a nasty person as a child, and to stay kind, helpful, and humane even if others were unkind to him.

In this way, Ah Huat untied the knot of his heart! Since then, he have treated people with kindness, and the coffee has become more and more popular, and the brewed coffee is also full of taste!

This MV song can be said to break through the style of traditional New Year’s songs, the melody is good, and the rhythm of the music is also very sensual!

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