10-foot-long python hides in toilet to escape heat, Civil Defense team captures and releases it.


The weather was hot, and a 10-foot-long python snuck into the toilet of the house to “escape the heat.” After the housewife discovered it in surprise, she panicked and notified the Renbao City Councilor, and members of the Civil Defense Bureau came to the scene to drag out the python!

Renbao City Councilor Zhong Hui Ming revealed that at about 10 o’clock the night before yesterday, he received an urgent notice from a housewife named Gao from a residential area in Wanle Town, Macau, saying that a snakehead was found in the toilet of her house, and her family members were all frightened.

He said that he notified the Renbao Civil Defense Bureau immediately and arrived at the scene with four team members. One of them put on protective gloves and captured the snake’s head first. Then he and his partner worked hard to capture the snake’s head, which was about 10 feet in length, with both hands. The long python was dragged out. The former grabbed it with his hands, while the latter pressed its tail with its feet, and finally “caught it” by pinching it from the front and back.

Zhong Hui Ming pointed out that the captured pythons were then taken to remote forests and released.

“It cannot be ruled out that the recent hot weather may have caused the python to sneak into the toilet hole in the house to escape the heat. Residents should be more vigilant.”

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