Worried about money being stolen from your bank account? 4 Places You Might Consider Keeping Your Money.


With all the news of bank account theft and fears, where else can you keep your money?

Are you worried about the news of bank account theft and are you looking for an alternative way to keep your money in a bank account? Here are 4 ways you can deposit your money with low or no risk.

1. Money Market Funds

Money Market Fund (MMF) is a low-risk or even zero-risk investment that allows investors to earn a slightly higher return on investment than time deposits.

Money market funds are available from various domestic fund houses and investors can simply transfer their money into a money market fund and receive interest. Interest will be calculated on a daily basis, so if an investor deposits for 1 day, they will receive 1 day’s interest, and if they deposit for 10 days, they will receive 10 days’ interest.


SSPN is a fund launched by PTPTN to encourage people to save for their children’s or their own education at an early stage. In previous years, SSPN has paid out at least 3% interest. Once an account is opened, people can deposit and withdraw money at any time. The bank account used to receive the money must be in your own name. 

3. Stock Trading Account

Trading Account also offers an interest rate of around 1.50% on deposits. As long as you deposit your money into Trading Account, you will receive interest on your deposit at the end of each month. You can also withdraw and deposit from your trading account at any time. The bank account from which the money is received must be in your own name.

4. Time Deposit via Over-the-Counter

You may also choose to deposit time deposits over the counter as time deposits placed in this manner can only be withdrawn over the counter and must also be withdrawn through the same branch. If you are depositing with branch A of the bank, then you must withdraw through branch A and you cannot withdraw through branch B.

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