WhatsApp launches new features!


WhatsApp launches new features!

The latest feature launched by WhatsAppp is conversation classification or chat filtering. Users have a total of three options, that is, view all conversations, view unread conversations, or view group conversations.

This function is very useful for users who participate in multiple groups and often receive a lot of messages. Users can directly check which messages they have yet to reply to, or they can directly find the group they are looking for, which can save the time. Time to rummage for information.

However, this feature still has flaws, that is, users cannot customize the classification, such as classifying conversations into work, family, private chat, etc.

This feature is already rolling out to users and will be rolled out to all users over the next week. If you have not received the push for this feature, you can go to the software store to see if you can upgrade WhatsApp.

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