What do the various colours of bottled water bottle tops mean?


What do the white caps, blue caps, and green caps on bottled water mean?

There are white caps, blue caps, and green caps on bottled water on the market. Do you have any idea what these colours mean?

1. Bottle cap in white
The bottled water with the white cap is not mineral water, but rather purified or processed drinking water (Drinking Water). In general, bottled water with a white cap is created from water that meets the sanitary criteria of drinking water as a raw material, removing hazardous chemicals as well as minerals and trace elements that are useful to the human body.

2. Bottle cap in blue
Natural Mineral Water, which is gathered from deep down or by drilling, is the water with the blue bottle top. It is mineral-rich after years of filtration, purification, and activation at the bottom. Drinking too much mineral water can disrupt gastric juice output and digestion. Minerals in mineral water can stimulate the kidneys and bladder, putting additional strain on the organs. Mineral water should not be consumed by patients with chronic nephritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, or edoema.

3. Bottle cap in green
Mineral Water is the bottled water with the green cap, which is manufactured by artificially adding minerals to pure water and then sterilising it before filling it.

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