Users of the new Digi Next Unlimited 40 plan may get up to 300GB each month.


New users of Digi Next Unlimited 40 plan may get up to 300GB monthly.

Digi Prepaid Next Unlimited 40 has a 300GB FUP.

The latest prepaid package from Digi, called Digi Prepaid Next Unlimted 40, includes Unlimited Internet and Unlimited Calls. This bundle costs only RM40 per month.

Customers who sign up for Digi Prepaid Next Unlimited 40 can get a 10GB Hotspot if they select Auto Renewal. The 10GB Hotspot cannot be used if the customer selects a one-time subscription (One Time).

Notice! You can only use a maximum internet speed of 6Mbps since this package’s internet speed is restricted to 6Mbps. The MyDigi APP can be used to sign up for Digi Prepaid Next by any user.

Despite the fact that the subscription calls itself Unlimited Internet, customers are still required to follow the Fair Usage Policy, or FUP. All Digi Prepaid plans have a 300GB FUP. The network speed will drop after the user goes over this cap.

This is done to avoid having 5%–10% of users consume 70%–80% of the bandwidth, which would be extremely unfair to other users and have an impact on their experience.

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