Unifi TV launches 4 new TV channels, users can watch them for free for up to 1 month!


Unifi TV launches 4 new TV channels that users can watch for free for up to one month.

According to news from unifi, four new TV channels have been launched from September 1, and existing users can watch these four TV channels for free until September 30, 2023.

The four new TV channels are HBO, HBO Hits, HBO Family and Cinemax. HBO’s channel number is 401, HBO Hits’ channel number is 402, HBO Family’s channel number is 403, and Cinemax’s channel number is 405.

If you are an Ultimate Max Pack, Ultimate Plus Pack, Ultimate Pack, Varnam Plus Pack, Aneka Plus Pack, Ruby Plus Pack or Staff Pack subscriber, you are eligible to watch four new TV channels for free throughout September.

These four new TV channels will be available for users to pay for subscription starting from October.

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