Trade in an old iPhone for a new iPhone 14, let’s see how much your old iPhone is worth!


The new iPhone 14 series phones have been on sale since September 23rd! Are you planning to replace the old iPhone in your hands with an iPhone 14 phone?


SenQ, a famous chain of electrical appliances stores, has launched a trade-in (trade-in) campaign for old phones, so you can take your old iPhone to SenQ to trade-in.


Each old style of iPhone has a different Trade-in price, and customers do not get cash after Trade-in, customers can only use it to buy a new phone. If the price of the new phone is more expensive than the old one, the customer will have to pay the difference and SenQ will set the price according to the condition of the old phone.


Brand new iPhone 14 series phones have also appeared at used prices. The highest iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB was originally priced at RM8299 and the used recycling price offered by SenQ is RM6340.


Here we bring you the Trade in price for each old iPhone, interested parties can visit a SenQ outlet near you and ask for details. (Information from SenQ official website)

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