Toyota Yaris gets another minor facelift! Price starts from RM88,000!!!


The Toyota Yaris only released a facelift in May this year. Now the Toyota Yaris has an upgraded version. There are a total of 2 models to choose from, the 1.5E priced at RM88,000 and the 1.5G priced at RM91,600.

The upgraded version of Toyota Yaris has added a two-color model, with the option of a red body and black roof design, or a white body and black roof design. Other upgrades include replacing the original 7-inch central control screen host with a 9-inch central control screen host. The upgraded Toyota Yaris also adds a wireless charging pad for mobile phones.

Other configurations are basically the same as before, equipped with a 1.5L Dual VVT-i naturally aspirated engine and CVT gearbox, with a maximum horsepower of 107PS and a peak torque of 140Nm.

It is worth mentioning that the price of the upgraded Toyota Yaris has been slightly increased compared to before. The 1.5E version has increased by RM4,700, while the 1.5G version has increased by RM4,000.

The information is calculated based on a loan interest rate of 2.75% p.a. and a loan of 90%.

Toyota Yaris 1.5E
Loan for 7 years: RM1,125
Loan for 9 years: RM915

Toyota Yaris 1.5G
Loan for 7 years: RM1,171
Loan for 9 years: RM953

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