Toyota Veloz has received over 6,000 orders!


Toyota Veloz has received more than 6,000 orders!


According to UMW Toyota, the Toyota Veloz has received more than 6,000 orders since it opened for pre-orders in late June, and UMW Toyota says it will do its best to deliver the car by March 2023 to customers who place their orders by June 30.


With the official launch of the Toyota Veloz in Malaysia, UMW Toyota is officially phasing out the popular B-segment MPV Avanza, which has sold more than 178,000 units since 2004.


The Toyota Veloz is only available in 1 trim level in Malaysia, the 1.5 AT version, priced at RM95,000 before car insurance. Many people would say that the Toyota Veloz is more expensive than its twin, the Perodua Alza, by about RM19,500, so is it worth paying more to get the Toyota factory badge?


The performance of Toyota Veloz with over 6,000 orders already shows that many people are still interested in the Toyota Veloz. In fact, the Toyota Veloz has quite a few upgrades compared to the Perodua Alza.


The Toyota Veloz is equipped with 17-inch wheels and can hold up to 75 kg of luggage on the roof.


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