Top up ShopeePay by DuitNow and get RM0.50 to RM100 cash rebate!


Good News! Top up ShopeePay with DuitNow and you will get RM0.50 to RM100 cashback.

Shopee is launching a cash rebate offer where users who top up ShopeePay using DuitNow will be entitled to participate in a lucky draw and get RM0.50 to RM100 cash rebate.

Attention! This campaign is divided into 3 phases, that is, April 23 to May 12, April 25 and May 5, and each user is entitled to one lucky draw entry in each phase. Users who have already completed their recharge must enter the lucky draw within 24 days, after which they will be automatically disqualified.

Users must have recharged ShopeePay using DuitNow in order to participate in the lucky draw. If users are using credit card to top up, then they are not eligible. Users must also top up ShopeePay with a minimum of RM30 to be eligible. Only the first 5,000 entries per name will be eligible for the lucky draw.

You can open Shopee, go to ShopeePay and select Request, the system will show you your own QR code which you can use to transfer money to ShopeePay from your cell phone, or you can save your ShopeePay QR code, then open your bank or wallet’s scanning function, and select Scan Code from Gallery.

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