To get a WiFi-6 router, Unifi requires a plan of 300Mbps or higher


Get a router that supports WiFi-6 requires Unifi to subscribe to a plan that is 300Mbps or higher.

Users who sign up for unifi 100Mbps plans will only be able to receive WiFi-5 routers, and only those who sign up for unifi 300Mbps or above plans will be able to receive WiFi-6 routers, according to the information on the unifi official website.

With regard to Maxis, you are able to obtain a WiFi-6 Router regardless of the plan you choose. You can obtain a WiFi-6 Router even if you enroll in a 100Mbps plan. The newest generation of WiFi technology, known as WiFi-6, is primarily focused on increased power savings, lower power consumption, wider speed, and simultaneous connections from multiple devices. You must use a WiFi-6 router if you have numerous devices connected to the Internet at home. Unifi’s 100Mbps plan costs RM89, its 300Mbps plan costs RM139, its 500Mbps plan costs RM159, its 1Gbps plan costs RM289, and its 2Gbps plan costs RM319. Maxis charges RM89 for a 100Mbps plan, RM129 for 300Mbps, RM149 for 500Mbps, RM249 for 1Gbps, and RM319 for 2Gbps.


In conclusion, the development of WiFi-6 technology is a major advancement in the field of connectivity. The way we use the internet and manage our connected devices is going to change dramatically as a result of its increased speed, capacity, and overall performance. Embrace the future of connectivity with WiFi-6, and experience the benefits of lightning-fast speeds, improved network efficiency, and seamless device connectivity like never before.


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