TNG eWallet implemented a new measure in March, a 1% fee will be charged for monthly credit card recharge over RM1,000.


Attention all users who often use credit cards to top up for Touch ‘n Go eWallet!

According to the news from Touch ‘n Go eWallet, a 1% fee will be levied on monthly credit card top-ups exceeding RM1,000. This measure will be effective from March 22, 2023.

Users will not be charged for the first RM1,000 of Touch ‘n Go eWallet recharge by credit card, however, there will be 2 options for recharge above RM1,000.

The first option is to make the amount transferable and the second option is to make the amount non-transferable.

If you choose to make the amount transferable, then you will have to pay a 1% fee. If you choose the second option, which is to make the amount non-transferable, you will not be charged a fee, but the money cannot be transferred to other users and can only be used for online or offline payments.

Touch ‘n Go eWallet has implemented this adjustment in order to stop users from using Touch ‘n Go eWallet to cash in their credit cards and to prevent them from abusing the Touch ‘n Go eWallet recharge service.

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