“Three men brawl over EV station; Malaysians predict similar chaos.”


These days, electric cars are all the rage. Prior to Tesla, BYD, and other companies, Internet celebrities flaunted their fancy cars.

Selling points for electric vehicles include things like “no engine, no need to refuel, silent, large space, and environmentally friendly,” which frequently draw in buyers. However, what would happen if there were more electric cars than there were charging facilities? Obviously, there is a fight!

A few days ago, a netizen posted a video on social media, where he saw three grown men fighting for a charging station!

The man in long-sleeved white clothes snatched the charging pipe from the man in short-sleeved gray clothes!

In the other direction, the man dressed in white reached for the charging pipe. The gray-clad man gave it a quick hug, dealt with it, and eventually collapsed!

But astute internet users pointed out, the man in gray actually stole the charging pipe from the man in white first! Online observers noted a twist: the man in gray was initially the aggressor, snatching the charging pipe from the man in white, sparking a surprising turn of events

Some netizens even don’t understand why they are snatching it away!

Isn’t there a charging station in every parking space?

Some people explained that it was most likely that the man in gray had already recharged the two charging stations, which resulted in the man in white not being able to charge. However, the charging pipe they were grabbing belonged to the man in white, so he thought he had the right to use it . Only then will there be incidents of robbing charging pipes

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