The owner argued that the fried rice was “burned rice” regardless the customer’s complaints that it contained rat droppings. After that, he eats it in his presence!


When a customer claimed that the egg fried rice at the restaurant included rat droppings, the owner responded that the rice were burnt and continued to eat the rice in front of the customer!

A few days ago, a customer of a restaurant in Leshan, Sichuan, China, claimed that the egg fried rice he ordered may have contained what appeared to be rat droppings. The black object in the egg fried rice is quite noticeable.  It matches rice in shape but is a little bigger. 

Afterward, the owner explained that the black object was rice, ate it directly in front of the customer, and lamented that the young people were ignorant.

Customers observed that the black things in the rice had lines on them, which were clearly rat droppings rather than burnt rice grains. However, the customer finally chose to pay the bill and leave because the owner swore that it was rice grains and immediately ate them.

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