The median monthly salary of employees in the formal sector in Malaysia is only RM2,600.


According to the latest report released by the Department of Statistics, the median monthly salary of formal sector workers in Malaysia is only RM2,600 as of the third quarter of 2023, although it has increased compared to the same period in 2022 when the median salary was RM2,464.

In terms of gender, the median monthly salary for male employees is higher than female employees, at RM2,645 and RM2,518 respectively, while in terms of ethnicity, the median monthly salary for UMNO employees is RM2,200, Chinese RM4,000, Indians RM2,500, and other ethnic groups RM2,000.

In terms of field of employment, the median monthly salary was RM5,200 for mining, RM2,700 for construction, RM2,600 for services, RM2,427 for manufacturing and RM1,982 for agriculture.

In terms of states, Kuala Lumpur has the highest median monthly salary of RM3,800 for formal sector employees while Kelantan has the lowest at RM1,600. The median monthly salary for formal sector employees in Selangor is RM2,900, Putrajaya is RM2,464, Penang is RM2,645, Johor is RM2,400, Negeri Sembilan is RM2,264, Melaka is RM2,282, and the median monthly salary for the construction sector is RM2,700, service sector is RM2,600, manufacturing sector is RM2,427, agriculture is RM1,982. ,282.

The median monthly salary in Perak, Pahang and Sarawak is RM2,000. glass city is only RM1,627, Kedah is only RM1,845, Terengganu is only RM1,900, Sabah is RM1,800 and Labuan is RM1,964.

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