The cute “Minions LV original leather unwrapped model – mini crossbody bag” that is popular online can be had for as low as RM8X!


The mini crossbody bag is designed with the classic small yellow cartoon shape and color scheme, the yellow part of the bag is made of microfiber, with LV logo models are transformed using the original counter leather, and friends who do not like to have LV logo can choose the leather model.


The size of this little yellow bag is 12cm (height) x 10cm (width), don’t look at it small and exquisite, in fact, into lipstick, keys, tissues, headphones and other small daily items are not a problem! In addition, each small bag is equipped with a small metal chain and small buckle, whether you are used as a crossbody bag or directly hang it on your big bag as a pendant accessories are very versatile and fashionable! I believe that if you take it out, there will be many passers-by will be attracted to its cute face!

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