The boy’s shoes were in bad shape, but he lacked the funds to replace them. These were purchased for him by 14 of his classmates!


14 students chose to contribute money after observing that the male student continued to wear a pair of worn out shoes while refusing to buy new ones. Everyone gave a few cents to a few dollars to help him purchase a new pair of shoes!

A TikTok video claims that it starts with a pair of worn out shoes before switching to a piece of paper with a list. The donation amount is between 2,000 rupiah (RM 0.58) to 50,000 rupiah (RM 14.49). It says “purchase” at the top of the list. 217,000 rupiah is the desired amount to spend on a new pair of shoes (RM 63.26). 

The boy was gathered by his classmates when the video ended. He smiled happily from ear to ear as he happily accepted the shoe box from his classmates.


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