Tealive launches another drink promotion: buy 2 free 1 and buy 5 free 3!


Tealive re-launches beverage promotion with Buy 2 Free 1 and Buy 5 Free 3.

The Tealive beverage chain has announced the launch of its Ramadan beverage promotion offer, which is valid from now until April 9, 2024 from 12pm to 7pm daily.

Customers can get 1 free drink when purchasing 2 drinks, remember to enter the TLRMD2 promo code when placing your order. Customers will receive an additional 3 free drinks with the purchase of 5 drinks, enter the TLRMD5 promo code when placing your order.

Caution! This offer must be placed through the Tealive APP.

Buy 2 Free 1 Promo Code: TLRMD2
Buy 5 Free 3 Promo Code: TLRMD5

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