Spare tyre is no longer included with the new 2023 Toyota Vios!


Typically, Toyota vehicles come equipped with extra tyres so that, in the case of a flat tyre accident, the vehicle may temporarily replace the tyres on its own. The newly redesigned Toyota Vios in 2023 rejects this tradition and does not come with a spare tyre though. There will be just one tyre repair kit available.

The original factory will no longer provide a spare tyre but will instead replace it with a repair kit, regardless of whether it is the top of the line Toyota Vios 1.5G or the entry level Toyota Vios 1.5E. Also, it means that a car owner will have to try to fix the tyre rather than replace it in the case of a future accident with a punctured tyre. But if you experience a significant blowout, there is nothing you can do,

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