Shopee starts rolling out Fast Shipper tags.


Shopee has begun to launch Fast Shipper labels. As long as merchants regularly mail packages within one day, they can get Fast Shipper labels.

After a merchant becomes a Fast Shipper, all products will have the Fast Shipper label. This will help merchants stand out among many merchants, because customers like to place orders with efficient merchants.

Customers can click the filter button in the upper right corner when searching for products, and then select Fast Shipper in the Service & Promotion column. The system will filter out products with the Fast Shipper label for customers.

In addition, Shopee launched the Instant Delivery service last month, but it is currently only available in the Klang Valley. After the rider successfully picks up the package from the merchant, the package will be delivered to the recipient within 2 hours from the time of picking up the package.

To use the Shopee Instant Delivery service, first of all, both the merchant and the recipient must be in the Klang Valley area, and the products must support the Instant Delivery service. If you see a product with an Instant Delivery label, it means that the product supports Instant Delivery.

Customers must select the Instant Delivery mailing method during checkout. The Instant Delivery service is from 9 am to 9 pm every day, and ShopeeFood riders will be responsible for picking up and delivering packages. The distance between the merchant and the recipient must not exceed 30 kilometers, the maximum weight of the package is 10 kg, and the maximum size of the package is 30 X 30 X 30cm.

The freight for Instant Delivery is calculated as follows: 0 to 4 kilometers is RM6, 4 to 5 kilometers is RM7, 5 to 6 kilometers is RM8, 6 to 7 kilometers is RM9, 7 to 8 kilometers is RM10, 8 to 9 kilometers is RM11, 9 Kilometer to 10 kilometers is RM12. For the next 10 to 30 kilometers, a freight fee of RM1 is required for each additional kilometer. Shopee APP supports real-time viewing of the direction of riders and packages.

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