Selling alcohol to 14-year-olds teenagers. Restaurant picks up warning on Chinese New Year’s Day.


Council of the City of Kuching South gave a warning to a restaurant that served alcohol to a group of 14-year-olds during the Chinese New Year.

The Mayor of Kuching South, Dato Wee Hong Seng, said that license suspension or revocation could also happen if someone broke the law in this way.

He said someone told the city council last week that a restaurant served alcohol to people under 21.

“After getting the report, officials from the South City Council, the Police Department, and the Health Department went to inspect the restaurant and gave the owners warnings.”

“Operators can’t sell or serve alcohol to people under age 21, even if they are with an adult or guardian.”

Wee Hong Seng said so in the live broadcast of “Shall WEE Talk” on 28th.

He said such actions are very irresponsible and will lead to many bad things if the proper steps aren’t taken quickly, which will eventually affect the social lives of Sarawak’s young people.

“These restaurant owners need to know that the Kuching South City Council has the authority and power, according to the Local Council Ordinance of 1996, to suspend or even revoke their operating licenses if they don’t give a written explanation.”

Citing Section 145(1) of the Local Council Ordinance of 1996 and the Kuching South City Council’s General Conditions of Permit for Food Premises (as of January 2023), he said that the Kuching South City Council has the power to suspend or revoke any license if it finds that the operator has broken the law.

“Due to changes to the Food Regulations of 1985 that went into effect on December 1, 2017, the drinking age in Malaysia is now 21.”

“The Kuching South City Council is reviewing the general permit requirements for food businesses to ensure they meet the new rules.”

He hopes the public will continue to be the Kuching South City Council’s eyes and ears since the council can’t be everywhere at once.

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