RHB Now page to close soon, users urged to switch to RHB Online Banking page!


Attention RHB Bank users! RHB Now will be closed soon and users will switch to RHB Online Banking.


According to a message from RHB Bank (RHB), the RHB Now online banking website will be closed in the near future and RHB is urging users to switch to RHB Online Banking, which will provide a better and more secure internet banking experience.


In fact, RHB has already abandoned RHB Now mobile application many years ago and asked users to switch to RHB Mobile Banking mobile application. RHB is now further upgrading its web-based internet banking system and will discontinue the web-based version of RHB Now and ask users to switch to the new RHB Online Banking web page.


RHB Now is available at https://logon.rhb.com.my/ and RHB Online Banking is available at https://onlinebanking.rhbgroup.com/my/login.


The new version of RHB Online Banking has a simpler design and is no longer dense with features, making it clearer for users to find banking features.

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