RHB introduces a fixed deposit promotion with interest rates of up to 4.00% p.a.


RHB FD promotion with interest rates of up to 4.00% p.a.

Users can deposit fixed deposits at the bank counter, according to RHB information. They have the option of depositing for three, six, or twelve months. The minimum payment is RM10,000.

When you deposit for 3 months, you will receive 3.55% p.a., when you deposit for 6 months, you will receive 3.80% p.a., and when you deposit for 12 months, you will receive 4.00% p.a.

In January 2023, the National Bank may raise interest rates by 0.25%. The bank’s fixed deposit interest rate will be raised again at that time. As a result, it is not advised to make long-term fixed deposits now.

RHB Fixed Deposit Offer (Counter)

Date: November 25 – December 31, 2022

interest rate:

3 months – 3.55% p.a.

6 months – 3.80%p.a.

12 months – 4.00%p.a.

Minimum deposit: RM10,000

Conditions: must be deposited through the counter of RHB Bank.

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