Penang warehouse disaster: Council quickly rejects project, despite stop work order being given


The building of the logistics warehouse, which fell on Tuesday (Nov. 28), has been placed under stop work order, according to Penang Island City Council (MBPP) mayor Datuk A. Rajendran. “The on-site consultant engineer provides guidance on victim recovery and search operations.” He told reporters on Wednesday, Nov. 29, “We have issued a stop work notice to developer and principle submitting architect.” On the other hand, Rajendran refuted the claims that the project was hurriedly finished or delayed. “This technology-driven fast-track project was not hurried. “As this area is out of a residential zone, they are allowed to work at night,” he stated. At the location, search and recovery operations are still underway. As of Tuesday night, at around 9:45 p.m., a structure that was under construction collapsed, leaving four casualties still unaccounted for. Thus far, rescuers have located five victims. Two of them were discovered dead at the spot, one passed away while travelling to the hospital, and the other two, who have severe injuries, are receiving treatment at Penang Hospital. Deputy Comm Datuk Mohamed Usuf Jan Mohamad, the deputy chief of Penang’s police force, reported that during the event, a massive beam, about 12 metres in length and 14 tonnes in weight, fell and toppled 14 other beams at the location. He stated that nine of the eighteen workers who were supposed to be at the location had left for prayer during the event, leaving the remaining nine on the job. All employees are citizens of Bangladesh.

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