One of the security guards at an apartment building in Malaysia during Chinese New Year unpacked the red envelopes, and the entire stack on the table was magnificent!


The best part of the Lunar New Year is receiving red envelopes! During the Chinese New Year, it’s customary to give red envelopes. Juniors who are underage receive red envelopes, which is a sign that they will be lucky. Red envelopes are given to all races in Malaysia, not only the Chinese, and are considered a blessing wherever there are Chinese people.

A video that went viral on Tiktok showed an entire row of red envelopes on the table, including notes worth 50, 20, and 10 ringgit!

Some online users watched this video after it effectively caught their attention. “Counting the money is easy,” “I made a fortune,” “These red envelopes should be more than his monthly pay,” and “I’m very jealous” were some of the comments offered by online users. Additionally, other online users commended the security officers for their polite attitude, which is why so many locals gave them red envelopes.



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