#NSTviral: Youngsters relieved at ministry’s explanation on PLKN 3.0


The Defence Ministry clarified that only teenagers born in 2007 would be enrolled in the National Service Training Programme (PLKN 3.0) if the programme resumes in the following year, which alleviated young people’ concerns.

“Just now! This is the most recent explanation. PLKN 3.0 membership is required only for those born in 2007 and later.

“They can ask for a deferral until the age of 35 if they have a good reason. Please pay attention. Closed case!”

Since it was posted on X (formerly Twitter) at approximately 11:50 a.m. today, the tweet has received 10,800 likes and 688,600 views.

Thousands of X users enthusiastically came to the comment section after Mohamad’s announcement, which offered much-needed clarification regarding the prior misunderstanding. They were eager to share their diverse and passionate opinions and feelings.

Most of them, especially the millennials, exhaled in unison when they realised they would not be among those taking part in national service.

An X user, @IamRaffffffff jokingly said: “I was just getting ready to apply for a citizenship change visa when suddenly this news came out. Now I’m automatically a patriotic country lover. So good luck to those born in 2007 and above.”

Meanwhile user @aminnur_amin took advised youngsters who were eligible to join the programme.

“I just want to say one thing. If you (the younger generation) receive an offer to join PLKN (National Service Training Programme), please go.

“Build your character. Build good relationships with new friends. Just consider it a special call for self-improvement. If the Palestinians had their own version of PLKN in their country, they would surely be rushing to join,” he said.

The Defence Ministry today clarified the confusion surrounding the age limit for the reintroduction of national service.

In a statement today, it said trainees for the programme would be selected based on their year of birth, and that only teenagers will be enrolled when the programme is revived.

It further said the maximum age for participation is set at 35 years; and that trainees will be chosen based on their year of birth.

The ministry said for instance, if PLKN is implemented in 2024, teenagers born in 2007 will be called to undergo the programme.

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