Not Allowed To Visit Hair Salon During MCO, HOW? Dye Your Own Hair With [Watsons Hair Dye Only @RM38!]


At this time of the year, everyone would flock to the hair salon for hairdressing, perming and dyeing for the preparations of Chinese New Year. This year, because of the MCO, we can’t go to the hair salon for hairdressing, so do we have to spend the New Year with uneven hair color? The most annoying thing when you dye your hair is that when the hair grows, the top color and the dyed hair color form two boundaries. So what can we do if the hair salon is not allowed to open?

Lets’s see this blogger create a fairy hair color all by herselves!

Introducing the no.1 hair color brand from Japan [Liese] – MINT ASH that can be bought at Watsons! 

After dyeing, this color will make your skin looks a shade brighter! Generally, this type of hair color can only be colored by bleaching the original hair, but with the bubble hair dye by Liese, you do not need to bleach the hair beforehand! It is very easy to use as well. 


1. Divide the hair into four parts, that is, the front with two strands and the back with two strands, and tie it separately.

2. Start with a larger strand. Divide the larger strand into four. Apply the hair dye from the middle section of the hair, then the tail, and finally the root of the hair.

3. After all the hair is dyed, apply the remaining hair dye evenly from top to bottom, and then massage you hair for 10 minutes.

4. After applying evenly, put on the disposable hair cap included in the box, and wait for 1 hour.

5. Wash it off and apply conditonor. After shampooing, blow your hair half-dry, apply your own hair care essence, and continue to blow dry.

6. It’s done! The color now looks natural and smooth! 

According to the blogger’s recommendation, this bubble natural hair color can last for 2 months. After being dyed, your hair will become light golden brown, with a misty gray feeling. No need to worry about how to dye your hair in the New Year anymore! Go to Watsons and get a box to dye it yourself! The price of Liese Bubble Hair Dye is only at RM37.62, it is super affordable compared to the price of hair salon! 

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