No need to prove you’re pregnant – just say “I’m pregnant” and you can get free durian!


Anyone who has ever been pregnant or taken care of a pregnant woman will know that pregnant women suddenly want to eat foods that they don’t normally eat, but some poor families can’t afford them because of the high price of the food.

According to the New Straits Times, a 29-year-old durian stall owner, Rizki Adri Andri Zainintawa, who owns three stalls in Taman Medan, Gombak and Kota Damansara, has promised to deliver free durian to pregnant women every day when it is durian season. When interviewed by the media, Rizki revealed that he was doing this to keep his promise to his mother, who had told him to “be kind to others when he succeeds”, so this was his way of keeping his promise and giving back to the community.

Rizki also revealed an incident two or three years ago when he met a pregnant woman riding a motorbike with her husband and child in Taman Medan. The pregnant woman wanted to eat durian but could not afford it because it was expensive, so Rizki gave her a free durian and since then, every time durian season comes, Rizki gives pregnant woman a free durian! He also understands the desire for food when pregnant, as Rizki’s wife is also having their second child.



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