No. 49 defeated No. 4 in the world! After the game, Lee Zii Jia posted a story that was rude and angry, saying, “I’m f**ing done!”


Man Malaysian singles now a free agent, Lee Zii Jia. In the second round of the German Open on Thursday, he was defeated 1-2 by Chinese Taipei player, Lee Jia Hao, which ranked 49 in the world. For a short while, Lee Zii Jia wrote a sentence in English on Instagram as a way to express his feelings.

Lee Zii Jia, rated fourth in the world, was defeated 1-2 by Lee Jia Hao, ranked 49th, after three rounds of active fighting. Soon after the game, he uploaded something to Instagram. I’m f**king done, the limited-time dynamic anger exploded. As a stand-in, Lee Jia Hao qualified for this year’s competition. He competed in the top 16 of the world rankings and beat Israeli player Ziberman 21-8, 21-11 in the first round. Both sides had won each match once while they were teenagers, according to Lee Zii Jia, who is currently ranked fourth.

At 15:21, 22:20, and 23:21, Lee Jia Hao defeated Malaysia’s Lee Zii Jia, the top seed, to move on to the men’s singles top 8. 


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