New Year’s Day Bonus Bank of Malaysia ATMs can exchange banknotes


In conjunction with the arrival of the Year of the Golden Dragon, Bank Negara (MAYBANK, 1155, the main board of financial services), as in the past, launched an ATM “banknote exchange” service, the public from now until February 9, you can go to the country’s 58 locations to withdraw RM 10 and RM 50 recycled banknotes.

Bank Negara has also posted on its official website the locations of 58 ATMs across the country that will offer the new banknotes.

It is worth noting that 20 branches in Selangor will only offer RM10 denomination bills, while four of the six branches in Johor will offer both RM10 and RM50 denomination bills.

Bank Negara pointed out that the provision of recycled banknotes mainly encourages sustainability and resource conservation. In order to make it easier for the public to withdraw their money, each branch will list the ATMs that provide RM10 and RM50 denomination banknotes respectively.

In addition, Bank Negara also encourages users to use the e-wallet application program MAE to send electronic red packets to friends and family.

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