New policies and big events in July!


The first half of 2022 has ended, take a look at the new policies and big events in July.


1. Public Holidays

There are 8 public holidays in July, 2 of which are national public holidays and the rest are state-specific public holidays.

July 7 (Thursday): George Town World Heritage Day (Penang only)
July 9 (Saturday): Arafat Day (Terengganu only)
July 9 (Saturday): Penang State Head of State Birthday (Penang only)
July 10 (Sun): Haji Day (National)
July 11 (Mon): Haji Day next day and make-up holiday (nationwide, except Johor)
July 22 (Friday): Sarawak Independence Day (Sarawak only)
July 30 (Saturday): Hari Raya New Year (nationwide)
30 July (Saturday): Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday (Pahang only)


2. Abolish subsidy on bottled cooking oil

The government abolished the subsidy for bottled cooking oil, and the bottled cooking oil will be increased from July 1, which may be more than 40%. It is expected that the price of a 5kg bottle of cooking oil will go up by RM12 to RM14, with the new price ranging from RM38 to RM42.


3. Top price for broilers and eggs

The top price for broiler chickens in Peninsular Malaysia will be RM9.40 per kilo, while the top price for Grade A eggs will be 45 sen each, Grade B eggs 43 sen and Grade C eggs 41 sen. The new price will be effective from July 1, 2022.


4. BKM Aid Distribution

The distribution of BKM aid started on June 27th and will continue until July 5th.


5. Monetary Policy Meeting of the National Bank

The National Bank will meet on July 5 and 6 and may announce another 25 basis points interest rate increase.


6. e-B Tax Return Form Deadline

Business owners who use electronic tax forms (e-B) will have until July 15, 2022 to complete their tax returns. Late filers will be subject to penalties.


7. 11% CPF contribution rate restored

In order to give people more disposable income, the government has announced a reduction in the monthly CPF contribution rate from 11% to 7% and 9% during the epidemic. The measure of 9% monthly employee provident fund contribution rate will end on June 30 and will revert to 11% from July!


8. Tablet distribution for tertiary students

A tablet from PerantiSiswa Keluarga Malaysia is expected to be distributed to eligible tertiary students in July. The PerantiSiswa Keluarga Malaysia is a government assistance program that aims to ease the burden of post-secondary students from low-income families. Through this program, students from low-income families will receive a tablet computer. All students are eligible to apply, whether they are attending a state or private college.


9. Free public transportation offer ends

To encourage people to take public transportation, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri announced that people can enjoy free public transportation from June 16 to July 15, 2022.


10. MyDebit Cash Out surcharge

MyDebit Cash Out service will start charging RM0.50 from July!

MyDebit Cash Out is a cash withdrawal service that allows users to swipe their cards at specific store counters and then withdraw their money. myDebit Cash Out is similar to the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) withdrawal service, but MyDebit Cash Out is offered at specific store counters.


11. PUSPAKOM All-Malaysia Electronic Payment

According to the news issued by PUSPAKOM, all branches nationwide will implement the electronic payment mode from July 1, 2022, so that people can only use electronic payment when receiving services at PUSPAKOM, and can no longer pay cash.

12. BINGKAS grant distribution in Selangor

The Selangor government will release a one-year grant of RM3,600 in July, with the beneficiaries receiving RM300 per month. 30,000 families will benefit from the BINGKAS program, which will reduce the burden of the beneficiary families, which can be used to pay for daily living expenses or pay for their children’s education, etc.


13. Discounted admission to Genting SkyCity World

According to the official website of Genting Skyworld, a Soft Opening offer will be launched from July 1 to September 30, during which tickets will be discounted by up to 30%.

Note! Only tickets ordered online will be eligible for the up to 30% discount. However, some facilities may be closed during Soft Opening.


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