MYTV Launches Live TV Watching Service Online: MYTV Mana-Mana


Malaysian digital TV provider MYTV has launched the MYTV Mana-Mana service, which allows people to watch MYTV’s TV channels online.

People can watch 9 TV channels through MYTV Mana-Mana and also watch on-demand programs. The nine channels available include TV1, TV2, RTM Sukan, Berita RTM, TV OKEY, TV6, TV Alhijrah, BERNAMA, and SUKE TV.

People can watch live TV through the MYTV Mana-Mana website, but also through the mobile app. The MYTV ManaMana APP is currently available on Google Play.

MYTV Mana-Mana supports 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolution options, as well as automatic. Users can also choose a picture in picture, which allows them to leave the live page and have the live stream displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen in a minimized way.

MYTV Mana-Mana website: https://www.mana2.my/ 

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