Mysterious Coincidence Internet users are amazed to discover that”The dates of 1996 and 2024 are exactly the same.The years 1996 and 2024 are exactly the same! And the next “reincarnation” is in 2052!


Time flies the 2024 New Year is about to end the first week, however, there are netizens found, turned the calendar to 1996, and found that even with this year’s date and Monday model the same, called too coincidental. The experts also answered this question.

Entering the year 2024, the public replaced the new calendar, but accidentally found that the date and week of 1996, with this year’s perfect overlap, New Year’s Day is a week one, the last day is also the 31st week two, there will be four years once the “February 29th”.

To this Science Museum researcher Wang Binwei said, the Western calendar will overlap every 7 years, and the Earth around the sun needs 365.2422 days, there is a 0.24 day error, so the 4-year round of synthesis cycle, and ultimately is every 28 years the date and the week will overlap, the next time we have to wait until 2052.

However, unlike in 1996, there was no second day of the week off, and students still had to attend school for half a day on Saturday, and national holidays such as October 25th for Kwan Foet Festival, 31st for Chiang Kung’s birthday anniversary, and December 25th for the anniversary of the Constitution were also canceled today.

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