MySejahtera APP New Function: Covid19 Vaccination Information


MySejahtera App will be adding a new function about Covid19 Vaccination!

Malaysia will receive the first batch of vaccines by the end of February and will take the lead in vaccinating frontline personnel. MySejahtera APP will also provide user with more vaccine information.

According to the First Deputy Minister of Ministry of Health, MySejahtera APP will provide users with vaccinations locations and remind users to get vaccinations. Users can also report any side effects of vaccination to relevant authorities through MySejahtera APP, so that the Ministry of Health can monitor the effectiveness of the vaccine.

In addition, MySejahtera APP will remind users to go for the second dose of vaccine on time after they have received the first dose.

The government will vaccinate 25.6 million people in the country, and the vaccination will be divided into three stages. Frontline personnel will be the first to be vaccinated, follow by high-risks groups such as patients with chronic diseases and the elderly. The others will be the last to get vaccinated. Minors under 18 years old are not eligible for this vaccination.

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